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Community In Action

Harvest Fest

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, we knew we had to rethink the way we engaged with the community. Although the world was in isolation, the need for quality foods didn't go away. One Saturday afternoon in the garden, we discussed different ways to meet the needs of the community, and thus, Harvest Fest was born. We came together with local nonprofits and organizations and provided an opportunity for the community to receive all types of resources including food, COVID cleaning kits, medical information, mental health support, period supplies, and more on a monthly basis. 

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Hitting the Streets

There is no such thing as leftovers when we serve! During our community feedings, our "Street Warriors" will walk around the city of Wilmington and provide free healthy meals to those who can't make it in. Our Street Warriors are the heart of this organization! They are the most selfless people walking to serve those in the heat, rain, cold, and snow! They hear the stories of our community and bring back the needs. We LOVE our Street Warriors! They are TRULY God's people!

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